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Launching relic greeting cards from UTOPIA product range, designed by Tatyana Valda Belinda Hill.

More charm & good looks with a great purpose. These darling greeting cards are one of the alternative ways we have found to keep our flock nourished on the expensive organic feed and protected by equally pricey vet visits we provide them, while supporting ourselves too.

FEATHERS on our cards are naturally discarded keepsakes from our little flock on our beautiful smallholding in Devonshire, England. Each one in our group is loved and valued as an individual. * Feathers are also occasionally from members of our resident wild flocks. Regardless of origin, all the feathers are dropped naturally from live birds.

*we are considering printing a health warning on all the greeting cards for people with feather phobia (pteronophobia:-)

Cards are blank inside and come with a white envelope, direct from our Tiny Little Farm Shop.

From our honesty shop people can select their own produce and paying accordingly, leaving their payment in the box provided. The shop is stocking a range of fresh produce and preserves from our smallholding.

ALL NATURAL produce & HANDMADE things
Organic & Homegrown or Local where possible.

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